Fish vacation

Carp bungalow offers you the ideal fishing spot for a fishing holiday with the whole family, family or friends. The holiday park has an inland lake with no less than 50 hectares of fishing water. The kids can enjoy themselves with rowing, canoeing, mini golf, the playgrounds or take a dip in the subtropical swimming paradise. But of course also fishing.

Almost all bungalows in our range have their own new jetty on this inland lake or open water. This way you can enjoy a fishing session with the luxury you are used to on a holiday. In addition to the "huge carp pond", there are also holiday homes available at the through (open) open water, the edge of the forest or at the playground. If you are staying at Carp Bungalow, you can request a free fishing permit from us.

Cottage on the water

Not once with the carp tent along the waterfront, but during your holiday with the whole family, alone or with friends, enjoy luxury and a beautiful green environment. As a spoiled fisherman you can enjoy the luxury of a holiday home right on the water. You don't have to leave it for the price. We would like to invite you to try one of our swims.

You may cast your fishing rod with a bait boat, dinghy and boat with an electric motor. However, this should not cause noise nuisance during the night hours. Your bite alarms will then also have to be silenced. This is easy to solve with wireless bite alarms. The Karperplas also has a large stock of whitefish and predatory fish. So you can also safely catch a beautiful fish with the pen rod or pike rod!

Carp fishing

Enjoy fishing from your garden with private jetty. Please note that this is a holiday park and not a private carp fishing water for you alone. You share the water with other fishermen and 4 handles are allowed per house. Carps are released every year by the foundation that maintains the holiday park. Fishing is always easy, especially in summer and autumn, despite the abundant vegetation in the water.

In the spring the catches are therefore much higher, partly because the newly released carp are starting to be caught. For catching the carp one should keep the dressage on this water and your rigs as passengers. Hundreds of Grass, Mirror and Scale carp have been released in recent years. In short, young and old, experienced as a beginner everyone a chance to have a beautiful fish.

Video Carp catching

Below are some videos made by us of the annual release of carp at holiday park Emslandermeer. You can also find more information on our facebook page.

In recent years hundreds of Carp have been released and we have seen specimens between 30 and 40 pounds pass by. The release of carp is provided at our park by Bert and Koos from Carp Farm. The health checks and advice come from Mark Breedveld of Carpcare.


Private fishing pier

Many bungalows have a fishing pier, some have lighting for night fishing.

Carp Fish

In addition to the many mirror carp, scale carp and grass carp, you can also fish for whitefish and predatory fish.

Carp catches

This grass carp was caught in the inland lake. View more carp photos on our Facebook page.

Carp released

Every year new scale and mirror carp are released by Carp farm to keep the stock up.