Westerwolde Cittaslow

Westerwolde is a beautiful area in Groningen that has received a Cittaslow quality mark. Heathlands, old forests, hidden fens and swamps, stream valleys and friendly villages, you can think of it so crazy that you will find it in Westerwolde. Here you can walk, cycle and canoe indefinitely and there is also plenty to do in the green surroundings!


A day out or on holiday in Westerwolde, Groningen? There is so much to do for young and old! But what should you really not miss? Be inspired by the sights of the Westerwolde area. Below you will find more information about the sights.


Fortress Bourtange

In the village of Bourtange, the original fortifications have been beautifully reconstructed. Bourtange has been completely returned to the fortress city it once was. The tricks are also replayed here.

Dinopark Arbonetum

Dinopark Tenaxx has a large number of top attractions. But you have to do something for that: you run, look for dinosaurs, survive and sail a boat. And you will also learn something about the prehistoric times of the dinosaurs.

Zeehonden centrum

Bij een bezoek aan het Zeehondencentrum in Pieterburen kun je van dichtbij zeehonden kijken en meer leren over de verzorging van zeehonden.

Wonder world

Experience the fantastic fairytale world of Greurt the Groninger giant, Aunt Beppie the witch and Zwammer the mushroom man. Wonderworld offers fun for young and old. Fairy tales, treasure hunts, play landscapes and many special animals.

Gerz donkey stable

When you go for a walk with a donkey from Ger's Ezelstal, we welcome you with coffee/tea and an explanation about the donkeys. there are half-day routes and full-day routes with distances of 6, 9 and 12 kilometers.

Restaurants nearby

You can also experience Westerwolde by visiting a restaurant, tea garden or resting point in the region. Walking and cycling in nature and/or sniffing culture and history naturally makes you thirsty and hungry. Enjoy the Westerwold flavors and hospitality!

Boating and rental

Boats and canoes can be rented through the reception of Parc Emslandermeer. At various places in Westerwolde, stations are equipped with canoes and bicycles. You can go from one station to the other via beautiful sailing and cycling routes. Paddle and Pedal stations can be found in Sellingen, Jipsinghuizen and Wedde.


The museums in Westerwolde are often located in special or historic buildings. From an old train station to a former town hall and from a biscuit factory to a manor farm. Discover the history of the Netherlands, the history of the region and work by special artists in these museums.


The St. Lamberti-Kirche is the center of the historic city centre. With many small alleys and side streets, enjoy a colorful mix of nice shops.


From April to November Papenburg is completely dominated by the Landesgartenschau. Papenburg, A new era of garden culture and horticultural art.