Westerwolde is Cittaslow

Cittaslow is the international quality mark for municipalities that are among the top in the field of living environment, landscape, regional products, hospitality, environment, infrastructure, cultural history and preservation of identity.

In Cittaslow Westerwolde, residents and visitors can enjoy themselves in a pleasant, hospitable way and at a human pace. The beautiful nature, the great variety in landscapes connected by small hamlets and the rich history make Westerwolde a true discovery area for lovers of the good life!

Daytime activities environment

A day out with children. On adventure. Discover and experience something new together. Learn about nature, about the history of the Netherlands, about steam trains, about birds of prey or about dinosaurs!

Is the weather a little less? Then go for a run in a large play paradise or swim in a swimming paradise. Below you will find an overview of the daytime activities that Westerwolde has to offer.


Hiking trails

Discover the history of Westerwold by walking into the area by foot. walk one of the 40 walking routes

Bicycle and Mountain bike

Westerwolde offers a challenging terrain for mountain bikers. If you prefer a 'normal' bike, Westerwolde also has plenty to offer!


Experience a fantasy and animal world for young and old. The good-natured giant Greurt and his girlfriend Beppie give you a warm welcome. Go on a discovery of nature and horror, enjoy and experience!


Fortified towns Bourtange and Oudeschans. Come write history in Westerwolde and take the fortress that was never taken by an enemy.

Bathing water

In Westerwolde you will find several swimming pools. Both open air and indoor or a complete swimming paradise with slide, rapids, bubble bath, children's pool and various play equipment


Want to see Westerwolde from the air? Then take a balloon ride with a hot air balloon! In the season (April to October) there are regular sailings


Westerwolde has a rich history. One that has left its mark on the entire area. You can tell by the many historic farms, mills, churches and museums in the charming villages


Gliding through the swaying reeds, you nimblely steer your kayak through the waters of Westerwolde.

Horse riding

You drive or ment through an oasis of peace, space and greenery. Experience the feeling of freedom and tranquility and discover what it is like to be face to face with a deer. Take on the adventure and enjoy the wide views over the fields or the silence of the forest around you


The nature in Westerwolde is beautiful. Especially if you sit in it quietly. For example with your fishing rod along the Westerwoldse Aa or one of the other beautiful fishing spots

Churches, towers and monasteries

The wealth of churches and towers in Groningen is enormous, including in Westerwolde. You will find a large number of historic churches scattered throughout the region. Some churches are already mentioned in a message from 1300!


Westerwolde has no fewer than seven windmills and a horse mill. In Ter Apel you will find the only original post mill in the province of Groningen

Petting zoo

Westerwolde has no fewer than 5 different petting zoos. This promises to be a fun day out!

Estate Tenaxx

Is there a dinosaur walking among the trees? There is plenty to experience and discover at Landgoed Tenaxx. A Dinopark, Arboretum, The Hanging Gardens, Survivalrun and a playground

Play paradise

Ballorig is an indoor play paradise for children from 0 to 12 years in Stadskanaal. You can climb, clamber, slide, jump, play in the ball pit and much, much more

Railway Museum

Board for a journey back in time on the border of Groningen and Drenthe! A day out for young and old!

Westerwolde nature

When you think of Groningen, you quickly think of vast fields, clay and a distant horizon. But Westerwolde is different. No straight lines here, but winding roads, winding streams and slopes in the landscape